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......@@ -62,17 +62,15 @@ Alternatively, you can use *Git* (optional, but recommended). Git is a handy ver
First, get Python, e.g., from here: [](
It is important that your system knows where Python has been installed. So on the python install dialogue, check "Add Python to PATH" and "Disable path length limit". Or manually edit your system-specific environmental variables.
Has been tested on:
Successfully tested on:
- Windows
- []( distribution
- version `3.9.*`
- []( distribution, versions `3.9`, `3.10`.
Does not seem to work on:
Does *not* work on:
- Windows
- Anaconda distribtion
- version 3.6 (installation issues with package `osmnx`)
- Anaconda or Miniconda distributions, versions `3.6`, `3.7`, `3.8`, `3.9`. Conda seems to have issues with Visual C++ runtime libraries and geo-related packages (GDAL, pyproj, Fiona, osmnx), even if they are precompiled.
#### 2.1 Use Virtual Environments (optional)
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