Commit d7a7ebe0 authored by Martin Schrön's avatar Martin Schrön
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Fixed xsplit function to allow spaces in items

parent 969585ad
......@@ -291,9 +291,10 @@ def xsplit(s, range=0, type=str):
optionally generate an array of length `range`.
E.g.: coords = xplit('51.5, 12.1, 120', range=3, type=float)
if isinstance(s, str):
s = s.replace(',',' ')
a = np.array(s.split(), dtype=type)
if isinstance(s, str) and s.strip() != '':
#s = s.replace(',',' ')
#a = np.array(s.split(), dtype=type)
a = np.array([x.strip() for x in s.split(',')], dtype=type)
a = np.array([])
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