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......@@ -198,6 +198,9 @@ To combine taxonomic with functional information for reads, the R script `Annota
7. Adjust filenames in `AnnotationCombine.R`, and select appropriate levels to analyze (close to the end of the script)
8. Run `AnnotationCombine.R` (Rstudio recommended, where subsequently other levels can be analyzed as well)
## Adapting CMP
If other than the default tools should be used for the analysis, they can be replaced by editing the corresponding script file, for example choosing another assembler than IDBA-UD by editing `analyze_denovo.sh` and changing the calls to IDBA-UD to the new tool.
Note however, that care must be taken that the output format of the new tool is compatible with the default tool, otherwise more elaborate modifications might become necessary.
## Author
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