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The results show that electric vehicles are a strong competitor in the transport sector for achieving GHG targets. Despite EVs being assumed to run by the electricity mix which contains substantial fossil shares, the option is competitive to hydrogen/FCEVs, biofuels/ICEVs and electrofuels/ICEVs, which is due to the superior vehicle fuel economy.
Among the fuel options, biomethane appeared as the strongest competitor albeit with a limited potential. Direct usage of hydrogen emerged as the best option to the extent it is possible, compared to combining hydrogen with a carbon source to electrofuels. This is due to higher conversion losses and the lower fuel economy of ICEVs compared to FCEVs.
The excess electricity potential showed to depend on the VRE share, especially on onshore wind power, as well as on the electricity demand. The weather year chosen has a substantial impact on the excess electricity, but not on the achievable renewable shares. Additional power storage has little influence on the renewable shares and excess electricity.
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