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Commit ef19190a authored by Robert Schweppe's avatar Robert Schweppe
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- added the pure keyword to the transfer function alias

- removed the allocatable keyword from actual transfer functions
parent 39b434fe
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......@@ -551,7 +551,7 @@ class TFSource(SourceCode):
' {}'.format(tf.math_string),
' ',
' real(dp), dimension(size(x(1)%data_p, kind=ix)) :: func_result',
' real(dp), dimension(), intent(in) :: param',
' real(dp), dimension(:), intent(in) :: param',
' type(InputFieldContainer), dimension(:), intent(in) :: x',
' pure function {}(x, param) result(func_result)'.format(tf.index_name),
' ! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------',
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