Commit 50a3650e authored by Sebastian Müller's avatar Sebastian Müller 🐈
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mo_integrate: add test

parent 1d80477a
module test_mo_integrate
use funit
use mo_kind, only: i4, sp, dp
implicit none
integer(i4), parameter :: n=9
subroutine test_integrate_dp()
real(dp), dimension(n) :: dat
real(dp) :: t=1.0E-5_dp
forall(i=1:n) dat(i) = real(i, dp)
@assertEqual(int_regular(dat), 40.0_dp, tolerance=t, message='int_regular double precision')
end subroutine test_integrate_dp
subroutine test_integrate_sp()
real(sp), dimension(n) :: dat
real(sp) :: t=1.0E-5_sp
forall(i=1:n) dat(i) = real(i, sp)
@assertEqual(int_regular(dat), 40.0_sp, tolerance=t, message='int_regular single precision')
end subroutine test_integrate_sp
end module test_mo_integrate
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