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add test for eckhardt filter

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module test_mo_eckhardt_filter
use funit
use mo_eckhardt_filter, only: eckhardt_filter, fit_alpha, BFI
use mo_io, only: loadtxt
use mo_kind, only : dp
implicit none
public :: test_fit
subroutine test_fit()
real(dp), allocatable :: dat(:,:), baseflow(:)
real(dp) :: alpha_out, BFI_out
call loadtxt("./files/discharge.txt", dat, skiprows=2)
alpha_out = fit_alpha(dat(:,1))
baseflow = eckhardt_filter(alpha_out, dat(:,1))
BFI_out = BFI(baseflow, dat(:,1))
@assertEqual(0.99501_dp, alpha_out, tolerance=0.0001, message='Check alpha')
@assertEqual(0.45741_dp, BFI_out, tolerance=0.0001, message='Check BFI')
end subroutine test_fit
end module test_mo_eckhardt_filter
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