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Commit 2f32791a authored by Sebastian Müller's avatar Sebastian Müller 🎸

modules: remove Nk_old and W (weights) from cell information - only needed temporarily in EDK

parent 116b1c1f
......@@ -136,20 +136,16 @@ module kriging
real(dp) :: maxDist ! max distance [m] search stations
type CellCoarser
integer(i4) :: nNS ! No. Nearest Stations (NS) d <= maxDist
integer(i4), allocatable :: Nk_old(:) ! old stations (added)
integer(i4), dimension(:), allocatable :: listNS ! list of NS
real(dp) :: x ! x- coordinate
real(dp) :: y ! y- coordinate
real(dp) :: h ! (estimated) elevation [m] (from the nearest cells DEM)
real(sp), allocatable :: z(:) ! z values to be interpolated (OUTPUT)
real(dp), allocatable :: W(:)
end type CellCoarser
type(CellCoarser), dimension(:), allocatable :: cell ! EDK output
type(dist_t) :: edk_dist ! distance calculations for EDK
real(dp) :: xl, xr, yd, yu ! coordinates of the interpolation block
!real(dp) , allocatable :: X(:)
end module kriging
module VarFit
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