Commit 32b0da9a authored by Stephan Thober's avatar Stephan Thober
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BUG FIX: missing value in mo_EDK.f90 corrected, now hard-coded, needs to be improved

parent 09a2c027
......@@ -139,7 +139,7 @@ contains
if (allocated(X)) deallocate (X)
! correct negative
if (correctNeg) cell(k)%z = merge(0._sp, cell(k)%z, (cell(k)%z .gt. noDataValue) .and. (cell(k)%z .lt. 0.))
if (correctNeg) cell(k)%z = merge(0._sp, cell(k)%z, (cell(k)%z .gt. -9999._sp) .and. (cell(k)%z .lt. 0.))
end subroutine EDK
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