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Commit c70f3bcc authored by Stephan Thober's avatar Stephan Thober
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Update edk.nml

parent 0cae46cc
......@@ -7,13 +7,15 @@
! it can be a netcdf file, then a 3-dim field is expected and
! further coordinate and variable names are expected
DataPathIn = "check/pre_data/"
! value in the meteorological input files that is used as missing value
noDataValue = -9
! Specifications of variable and coordinate names in case DataPathIn
! is a netcdf file
ncIn_variable_name = "pre"
! name of coordinates, these must be in [m]
ncIn_yCoord_name = "northing"
ncIn_xCoord_name = "easting"
noDataValue = -9
! Correct interpolated negative values to zero
! (set for precipitation to true !)
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