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# The mesoscale Hydrological Model -- mHM
- The current release is **[mHM v5.10][1]**.
- The latest mHM release notes can be found in the file [RELEASES][3] or [online][4].
- The latest mHM release can be found [here][0].
- The changelog can be found in the file [RELEASES][3].
- General information can be found on the [mHM website](
- The mHM comes with a [LICENSE][6] agreement, this includes also the GNU Lesser General Public License.
- There is a list of [publications using mHM][7].
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ See also the [documentation][5] for detailed instructions to setup mHM.
2. Run mHM on the test domains with the command `./mhm`, which uses settings from [mhm.nml](mhm.nml).
3. Explore the results in the [output directory](test_domain/), e.g. by using the NetCDF viewer `ncview`.
[3]: doc/
# mHM Release Notes
## mHM v5.11.1 (Mar 2021)
### Enhancements
- added compile information for cygwin (!68)
### Bugfixes
- removed note about mHM 5.10 from the README
- smhorizon: tmp_rootfraccoef was corrected directly if it is not between 0 and 1, but actually FCnorm should always be between 0 and 1 (!67)
## mHM v5.11 (Feb 2021)
### Experimental Features
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Feb 2021
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Mar 2021
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