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Python scripts that create different plot comparing results of OGS simulations
## Usage
There are two ways of using ogs-data-compare.
You can provide a dictionary with settings:
settings = { # Required parameters
'parameter': 'parameter_to_observe',
'path': 'path/to/experiment/folder', # os.path.join is recommended
'points_file': 'path/to/observation/points/definition/file.csv', # os.path.join is recommended
# Optional parameters
'plot_ext': ['png'],
'include_legend': True
data_compare = OGSDataCompare(settings)
or provide mandatory arguments later, when read_data() method is called:
data_compare = OGSDataCompare()
data_compare.read_data(path='path/to/experiment/folder', # os.path.join is recommended
points_path='path/to/observation/points/definition/file.csv' # os.path.join is recommended
Those two methods can be combined. For example settings dictionary can contain definitions for some optional parameters and mandatory ones can be defined when read_data() method is called.
## Manual
For more detailed description, please see Documentstion/
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