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......@@ -70,6 +70,34 @@ In the prj files under `<time_loop><output>` all variable to be written are list
Removed variables `<variable>x</variable>` will not be written.
# Domain decomposition
1. Adapt
1.1 Provide the location of and
source $HOME/o/s/scripts/env/taurus/
source $HOME/o/s/scripts/env/taurus/
1.2 Provid the location of the ogs binaries
This folder should contain executable for partmesh
2. Find the folder of meshes
It is the relative location (from of the folder with the files:
This is `<folder of meshes>`
3. Run
` <number_of_partitions> <folder of meshes>`
` 40 rev0`
# Run the Example Simulation Model
Submit scripts are provided:
......@@ -7,8 +7,9 @@ cd $folder
source $HOME/o/s/scripts/env/taurus/
source $HOME/o/s/scripts/env/taurus/
if [ ! -d ${number_of_partitions} ];
mkdir ${number_of_partitions}
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