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Add L1_temp_calc and L1_prec_calc for coupling and cleanup routine

Sebastian Müller requested to merge muellese/mhm:202205_finam_updates into develop

FINAM updates

Models like mQM would like to get temperature from mHM, to use the same forcings. Internally temperature gets dis-aggregated but was not accessible from outside.

Therefore I added L1_temp_calc and L1_prec_calc (next to L1_pet_calc) to hold the dis-aggregated values for temperature and precipitation.

In addition, a module mo_clean_up was added with a routine to deallocate all arrays from the mHM run. This is now called in mhm_interface_finalize.

With this addition, mHM can be run multiple times called from the python bindings, where the process is still active after mHM was finalized.

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