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new meteo-handler

Sebastian Müller requested to merge muellese/mhm:meteo_handler into develop
  • create meteo_handler_type
    • independent of global variables
    • holds all level2 information
    • cares about (dis-)aggregation of data
    • called outside of mHM in timeloop
    • methods to get forcings:
      • get_corrected_pet: get corrected PET for the current timestep and domain
      • get_temp: current surface temperature
      • get_prec: current precipitation
      • get_ssrd: current surface short-wave (solar) radiation downwards
      • get_strd: current surface long-wave (thermal) radiation downwards
      • get_tann: current annual mean surface temperature
  • moved all meteo related modules in new sub-folder src/meteo/
  • moved type definitions from mo_common_variables to new module mo_common_types
  • add bound_error flag option to meteo namelist directories_mHM to control error rasing for meteo bound violations
  • modified river temperature process class to use new meteo-handler methods
Edited by Sebastian Müller

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