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This MR introduces two addition files:

  • version.txt holding the current version of mHM (now: 5.11.0-dev0)
  • version_date.txt holding the latest release date (now: Jun 2019 of version 5.10)

Versioning is following semantic versions. When a -devX is appended to the version, it is treated as a development version, and the version date will be set to the current date. otherwise, the date from the given file will be used.

This has the advantage, that users see the development version they are using in the mhm output.

In addition, these files are used in the documentation to state the version of mHM, that the documentation belongs to.

There were some old versions written at different places in the code-base. This should be cleaned up now.

Last but not least, the UFZ logos were updated to the latest versions.

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