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Refactor: Enable pFUnit-tests and refactor cmake workflow

Sebastian Müller requested to merge muellese/mhm:pfunit-cmake-refactor into develop

This merge refactors the whole cmake workflow:

  • create cmake modules:
    • checkfortranpreprocessor.cmake: check for -fpp or -cpp and add function cpp_definitions
    • compileoptions.cmake: add options for MPI, OpenMP, Lapack and Coverage
    • version.cmake: read version and date from files version.txt and version_date.txt
  • shrink CMakeLists.txt to only compile the executable from mhm_driver.f90
  • add CMakeLists.txt in src/ to compile mhm_lib from all mo_*.f90 files
    • refactor compiler flags (don't alter CMAKE_Fortran_FLAGS globally)
    • safer setting of included and linked paths
  • add tests/ folder in src/ containing pfUnit tests
  • added message about usage of MPI and OpenMP in mhm_driver.f90
  • Refactored Cmake options to have correct type
Edited by Sebastian Müller

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