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Commit a7ff9716 authored by Markus Millinger's avatar Markus Millinger
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Changed excess electricity price to half of power mix price

parent 04458152
......@@ -61,8 +61,8 @@ end
f.resPrice(:,b,c) = f.resPriceMax(b,:);
f.powerPrice(:,1,c) = s.powerPrice(1,:)./3.6; %/MWh -> Mio/PJ (/GJ)
f.powerPrice(:,2,c) = zeros(s.runTime,1); %
f.powerPrice(:,1,c) = s.powerPrice(1,:)./3.6; %/MWh -> Mio/PJ (/GJ) - Power mix price
f.powerPrice(:,2,c) = 0.5.*s.powerPrice(1,:)./3.6; %Excess electricity price %eros(s.runTime,1)
%% Land demand / biomass
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