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Commit 1bc4bc28 authored by Martin Lange's avatar Martin Lange

update CI to new Yarner version, move gradle files to sub-folder

parent fdb179d6
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image: gradle:6.7.1-jdk15
- wget -O- https://github.com/mlange-42/yarner/releases/download/${YARNER_VERSION}/yarner-${YARNER_VERSION}-linux.tar.gz | tar xz
......@@ -52,7 +52,9 @@ docs = "docs/"
# The input source file(s) as glob pattern(s).
files = ["README.md"]
# File(s) to include in code output (unprocessed), as glob pattern(s).
code_files = ["gradle/**/*", "gradlew", "gradlew.bat"]
code_files = ["gradle/**/*"]
# Allows to modify paths of copied code files. Replaces path components. Optional.
code_paths = ["-"]
## File(s) to include in docs output (unprocessed), as glob pattern(s).
# doc_files = ["**/*.png", "**/*.jpg"]
## Entrypoint block name. Optional. If not supplied, unnamed code blocks are used.
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