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Enable conditional compilation

Sebastian Müller requested to merge make_netcdf_optional into main

Closes #36 (closed)

With this MR we added the capability of conditional compilation. Two cmake options were added, that are enabled by default:

  1. -DFORCES_WITH_OPTIMIZATION=[ON|OFF]: include all modules used for optimization (sce, mcmc, anneal, dds, errormeasures, likelihood, opt_functions, cost, optimization_types, optimization_utils)
  2. -DFORCES_WITH_NETCDF=[ON|OFF]: include all modules using NetCDF (netcdf, ncwrite, ncread)
    • Here, mo_mcmc throws an error if you want to have a tmp_file written out.
    • This option can be used to drop the NetCDF dependency, if netcdf io is not needed for your program
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