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Draft: merged JAMS routines into FORCES

Robert Schweppe requested to merge 38-update-with-jams into main

Closes #38 and makes !17 (closed) obsolete (can be closed)


  • merged features from mo_moment.f90, mo_julian.f90 and mo_utils.f90 from JAMS into Forces
  • mo_utils:
    • special_value is now pure, allowing it to be called from pure functions
    • added functions isin and isinloc
  • mo_string_utils:
    • toupper is now pure, allowing it to be called from pure functions
  • mo_julian:
    • date2dec accepts the optional fracday argument as a fallback to missing hh, mm or ss arguments
    • dec2date accepts the optional fracday output argument
    • dec2date accepts units argument specifying reference times as in NetCDF files (see CF conventions)
  • mo_moment:
    • absdev[0], central_moment[0], central_moment_var[0], correlation[0], covariance[0], mixed_central_moment[0], mixed_central_moment_var[0], moment[1], std_dev[1], variance[1], accept the ddof specifying the delta degrees of freedom [default]


  • in mo_julian other calendars were not implemented as this is too much work and there is no use case
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