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Update mo_os

Sebastian Müller requested to merge add_change_dir into main


  • add change_dir to have a compiler independent chdir routine
  • add get_cwd to have a compiler independent getcwd routine
  • add path constants curdir, pardir, sep, extsep, linesep and devnull
  • path_splitext:
    • don't check for folder
    • ignore leading dots in tail of path
    • make root and ext optional
  • path_split:
    • remove trailing '/' from head unleass it is root (e.g. '/' or '//' or '///' and so on)
    • make head and tail optional
  • added path_dirname and path_basename (path_split's head and tail)
  • added path_root and path_ext (path_splitext's root and ext)
  • added path_stem (final path component without suffix)
  • converted path_[exists|isfile|isdir] to lowlevel functions
    • original subroutines are now called check_path_[exists|isfile|isdir]
  • added path_isabs and path_isroot checking functions
  • added path_normpath to normalize path
  • added path_abspath to get absolute path
  • added path_parts subroutine to split path into all components
  • added path_as_posix function to replace \\ with / in given path


  • added strip argument to startswith
  • add endswith function
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