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Prioritized labels

Drag to reorder prioritized labels and change their relative priority.
  • mRM
    mhm / mHM
    Issues related to the routing module.
  • MPR
    mhm / mHM
    Issues related to the parameterization module.
  • Bug
    mhm / mHM
    This reports a bug in mhm.
  • Other labels

  • cleanup
    mhm / mHM
    Thing to clean up in the repo.
  • Enhancement
    mhm / mHM
    Suggestion for enhancements in mhm.
  • good first issue
    mhm / mHM
    This is a simple solvable issue for people just getting in touch with mHM internals.
  • help wanted
    mhm / mHM
    Somebody need help with mhm.
  • Recommendation
    mhm / mHM
    Recommendation for changes in the code
  • Refactor
    mhm / mHM
    This should be refactored in mhm.