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BFI target function

Sebastian Müller requested to merge muellese/mhm:BFI_target_function into develop

Added BFI-target function to mHM:

  • opti_function=34:
    !> (34) SO: Q: (1 + |BFI_o - BFI_s|)(1 - KGE)
    !>             BFI_s = mean_t(<q_2>) / mean_t(<q_total>)
    !>             BFI_o = given in separate namelist per domain
    !>             <.> is a spatial average
  • you can either specify a baseflow index per domain or you can let calculate this by mhm intern with the Eckhardt filter
  • a new namelist was added to the mhm.nml:
    ! SETTINGS FOR OPTIMIZATION for baseflow-index (opti_function = 34)
    !> Calculate BFI from discharge time series with the Eckhardt filter
    !> Eckhardt et al. (2008, doi: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2008.01.005)
    !> This option **requires** one gauge per domain at the outlet of the basin.
    BFI_calc = .true.
    !> baseflow index per domain. Only needed if not calculated (BFI_calc = .false.)
    !> You can overwrite single BFI values to not calculate them internally (if BFI_calc = .true.).
    ! BFI_obs(1) = 0.124
    ! BFI_obs(2) = 0.256
  • when calculating internally, you need to have exactly one gauge per domain
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