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Online Documentation with GitLab pages

Sebastian Müller requested to merge muellese/mhm:doc_update into develop

This MR enables the online documentation of mHM based on the present Doxgen documentation:

  • switch to select the documented branch (master/develop/v5.11/...) was added to the webpage to switch between versions of mHM.
  • the documentation can later be accessed by:
  • by default, the documentation will point to the master version (which is not present yet)
  • test version can be accessed by: (you can only switch to develop there, since master is not present)
  • the lib folder was excluded in the documentation, since it will get its own one
  • the documentation will be build automatically during CI runs in the build stage
  • along with the online documentation, a pdf version will be build and provided as an artifact by the Gitlab-runner
Edited by Sebastian Müller

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