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WIP: Plugins (BibTeX, etc.)

Martin Lange requested to merge add-plugins into main

Not sure if we should merge that, as it might make things too complicated to start with. Nevertheless, wanted to try it out...

Another fact that does not make me so happy is committing the generated docs output. However, through modification of the docs by plugins (as transclusions and links to follow would also), this becomes necessary if one wants to present the "final" documentation to the reader.

(lp/ is now the source, while is generated [which one could forget before committing])

The only alternative idea I have would be to publish the output to GitLab Pages using the CI.

Also, strictly spreaking, the plugins are currently not required in the CI as they don't modify the only artifact (the code). But having them there might still be legitimate for the sake of documentation.

Before a potential merge, documentation may need some adaptation to the new structure

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