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Restart ids

Maren Kaluza requested to merge kaluza/mhm:restart_ids into develop

Changed the way, restart files are read. Now in the namelist we define the pathes to the files instead the pathes to a directory.



    dir\_restartout(1:6) = 'output\_b1/b1\_', 'output\_b1/b2\_',...


    mhm\_file\_restartout(1:6) = 'output\_b1/b1\_mHM\_restart\', 'output\_b1/b2\_mHM\_restart\',...

    mrm\_file\_restartout(1:6) = 'output\_b1/b1\_mRM\_restart\', 'output\_b1/b2\_mRM\_restart\',...


  • in case you write restart files for 10 domains, the restartfiles are appended with numbers 1 to 10 (domain index). If you want to restart only with domain 2 and 6, you need to rename the files.
  • more flexibility. You can easily restart from files from another run
  • The appended number is limiting the number of domains (i.e. < 1000 domains in case of 3 digits)

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